We have a wonderful BAP tile by Aaronsdad! It is our Information Station; and btw the guy who used to clean the windows went into a tandrum and quit the job so we need a new window cleaner! =)

We have another very cozy BAP tile by Aaronsdad! It is the Robie House; and we all hope it will go up for sale so we can fight to buy it and move in!! =)

We have a Country House by Mimita, made for Eduarqui... Well he was looking for a cozy country house and you know, when you are a very rich Sim, you just cannot keep it small, hope it is suitable my dear Eduarqui! =)

We have fantastic BAP tiles by NSA; Exquisite stories behind the creation by Mara Jade, this is fun, and it is work in progress Folks!


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