Alphaville NE:

Map of Alphaville NE.

August 16/2005:

Aerial view of central part - this town was created after I read a book of Russian monumental architecture of the 1930s, so there is a kind of political megalomania here...

... but its south section is more close to the Dutch of the 1930s, with a good help of NSA and Vanderaap!

Monumental Forum with Roman Empire Style (and hands of MGMStar, Artaxis and Orbit1979, amongst others)

Municipal Center, a marble dream of light and soft tones. But we have XIXth Century buildings too (NSA, SomeFormOFhuman, DJTurkey).

NSA's buildings, being storied by MaraJade now at Freeland! (Check out the building section to read!)

River Junction, with OnkelAddi (I used many of his landmarks in this town) and Dullemond amongst others.

Giant Square of Industrial Zone, with buildings for research and development of industrial life (note Mim's post-modern masterpiece!).


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