Alphaville NW:

Map, where it's visible the canal for seaport connecting the ocean with Alphaville, passing by AlphavilleNW (where there is a port too - I was inspired again by our Dutch friends, now with a "Rotterdam Touch"!)

April 08/2005:

Downtown, with historic buildings and a permament exposition on part of old seaport (now converted). Note our BIG structure for garbage - Alphaville exports its garbage for this part of metroarea.

Beautiful parkway close to water and Midtown. Note our metroairport on reclaimed land (inspired by New Hong Kong Airport), using pieces from Transton.

This Port Island is on reclaimed land too - at left we'll have a new city - AlphavilleZW - with an island for our FREELAND@5 Expo ! To be offered in few months, please wait.

Initial part of our parkway shows both history and a good taste in Architetcure, with good help from ZipZapZop!

Our Midtown is a planned "Directional Business Center" and has landmarks created by Oppy!


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