Alphaville SW:

Map of AlphavilleSW - note our big lake, as a matter of fact, an artificial one (a dam) to provide water and power for neighboring Alphaville.

August 16/2005:

Aerial view of its central part - a fabulous Civic Center for Greater Alphaville ! Boxershorts's COMET in red color can be seen (I used it as the wall of our dam).

Another view of the big artificial lake and its wooded surroundings.

Civic Center, with nice landmarks by SomeFormOFhuman, Fredfree, Roopanop and more talented bappers!

WOW, these skyscrapers by Roopanop and Scatterbones are great!

Our Museum Lakeside is a magnet for tourists and Sims from all of Freeland Nation ! Note: Landmarks by Fredfree, Maxman (our good fellow Max Murphy), Big_Bad_Red, NSA, SimMakkinen and Roopanop.

Airport Zone with a futuristic taste.

Residential High Towers and a Roopanop's Modern Church!


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