April 08/2005: ALPHAVILLE will be our central city, with a population around 750,000 Sims - I'm making it as a version of Amsterdam (historic core surrounded by water, with some landmarks from Bappingedam), a XIXth Century addition (parks and public buildings) and a new business district at a distance where will be our tallest skyscraper (landmark made by Berserk);

Map of Zones, with two Urban Patterns: radial concentric (south) and grid (north).

Aerial View of Old Town: I tried a tribute to our dutch friends choosing an "Amsterdam Look", what do you think?

A big complex with Berserk's megastructures gave a "futuristic taste" to this part.

A magnific royal palace and park (after seeing lots of sketches from DK Eyewitness Travel Guides, I'm becoming an expert in European landscapes, LOL)

I guess there is a Mimita's hand here and an Oppy's hand as well!

From SimGothia ... very Scandinavian and nice!

April 14/2005: Here is a visual conception of our metroarea, please see more postcards of this city below (central part of that metroarea)

Our eastern part has preserved woodland and my "by now very expected" country house!!

A detail of our "Amsterdam citation" (with some landmarks from Bappingedam)

Our XIXth Century District (more itens from Bappingedam)!

Alphaville The Metropolitan Area:

AlphavilleNW, AlphavilleSW and AlphavilleNE : each one will have its own identity - port, metroairports, monumental civic centers, planned central business districts, new experiments in residential blocks, etc. - and will give water, electric power, garbage threatment and additional space for public buildings to our central city. Problably each one will have a population between 600,000 and 700,000 Sims.

AlphavilleSE will have our first experiments in planned New Towns (early XXth Century Garden Cities, Mid XXth Century, New Towns like the ones in Sweden and Great Britain) for decentralization of our metroarea - here we'll have some of our "demands" about specific buildings (schools, highway police center, social clubs and more) to give our BAPfriends something to create. I hope to make it with nearly 200,000 Sims and ready to show postcards and demands soon; AlphavilleZW will have an "Exposition Island for Freeland@5" directly connected through fast transit system till other cities and towns of Greater Alphaville. There will be space for nearly 150,000 Sims and - maybe - a Housing Exposition too (more ideas for our BAPfriends!!!); AlphavilleZN will have at least two New Towns - I'm reading a british book about this famous movement and will write about it at our "Design Books" Thread on Freeland Forum. (planned population : 300,000 Sims); AlphavilleZS will receive our Main Spaceport (landmarks from Transton-Berserk and Venus Project !) and 100,000 Sims; AlphavilleZE will be a mixture of Dutch medieval little town and new planned "broadacre landscape". Population around 150,000 Sims.


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