So... Here are the SC3 customs we have so far:

Berserk's Yard Bench Prop, of course all four views all there.

Big Tater's Boxershorts Statue, was made for our FCC2003 project... still very cool today, we had to have it here!

ClayCoyote's Oppy Bench Prop, made from a pic of Oppy and for the FCC2003 project, it went unnoticed at the time, it's a very nice prop, one of my favourites!

Cycle Puppy's collection of trees, these are amazing Folks! Real life size too! Four views, plain "deluxe" props!!

More wonderful trees from Cycle Puppy's collection!! More "deluxe" props! Yippie!

Weffito's mexican props, all four views here too... The funny little thing is a water drain that goes on a roof's edge

Mimita's odds and ends... Props:

These are the props used to make the country house prop itself and the tile.

This awning was made for a Bappingedam project with NSA:

These were made for the Oppy wild structure project for the Freeland World Fair 2004. The base of the fountains comes from the Sims as well as the patio set.

These were made for Zach when he worked on his Adirondack project:

This bunny, well it was just Easter, he's bran' new! BTW, there really is a real life giant inflatable Energizer Bunny because it's its pic that I used to make this prop! LOL

And this giant Pink Panther was made for Brinvion's Colour Project, on my obviously pink tile:

These were made for Ntrop for his Racing Track project, Villeneuve is his own pic and the girls are Barbie dolls! LOL One of them is splendid in bap, the short dark one...

Mimita's odds and ends... Details:

These are the details used to make the country house prop itself and the tile.

These wall details come with a blank so you can plant yourself in it:

Mimita's odds and ends... Paints:

These are the paints used to make the country house prop itself and the tile. They are used with the Maxis original "mowed grass" and the Stone paint itself was originally made by CouchPotato! =) I love that paint!

And these are path Paints that are all also used with the Maxis original "mowed grass".

Here I threw in a "Blank" set... it looks yellow so you can see but it's actually white for transparency so you can make your own Grass-Yourchoice Texture, if you feel creative!

There is more, I just need time Folks... LOL There's a lot of work in here. Hang on, it's well worth the wait!!


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