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What is it about?

31may03 The idea took shape with a first piece of information, by Eduarqui, at the
Twightlight zone... This article told us about King Awika (King of Venus and shown
below), and of his interest in forming a Venusian colony in Freeland.

Of course, we don't know if his intentions are good or not deep inside... We then
secretly invited a bunch of people to help prepare a first package of customs for use
by everyone, so that the non-custom makers can have fun as well with this project.

Eduarqui brought on a second update at the Twilight Zone. This time, he introduces
King Awika's right arm, Mr. X, whom will be in charge of overseeing the construction
of their future Venusian installations.

Here he is (above), quite creepy looking as many commented...
And here he is again (below), during his younger days, arguing over
architectural theories, this Mr. X obviously has quite a little temperment!
Word has it that Mr. X is really a clone of Eduarqui...
Moreover, Mr.X has an indubitable advantage, he can mutate!!!

We also find out that Venusian kids look real sweet as they come out of the cloning
facilities and seem to have a strong liking for the shiny silliconed-waxed hairdos...
This hair look is radioactive and that could come in handy one of these days...

Then came another great inside scoop from Mr.X's biography and it refered to
Brunelda, the Martian girl who worked in a night club and whom Mr.X fell in love
with, you can see her in action on the poster at the top (attack of the 50ft woman).

When Mr.X gathered up his courage to ask her to marry him, he certainly had not
anticipated such a reaction (see below)...

Furthermore, we caught Mr.X turning all soft, all it takes to calm him
down is a beautiful female!! He softens right up as you can see on the pic below.

Now we also know that Mister X has serious issues with people not taking him so
seriously, here he is screaming: Hello I am an architect, see these bricks on my face!!!

... And issues with his apprearance as well... The older he gets, the more he
cannot decide which suits him best between the reptilian look, the human look or
a strange mixture of both.... What will Brunelda think of this latest one?

So Mister X travelled to Urania21, a bustling town in Venus, planning to produce
uranium for power plants. The Venusians were impressed since they asked him to
come up with a master plan that would include housing as well as leisure facilities.
You can see him (below) discussing his plans with the local authorities...

HOWEVER.... a martian flying saucer was seen destroying it all!! Of course, Brunelda
was behind this with her unauthorised biography entitled I almost married a Monster
from Outer Sppace... The story was totally ficticious but Venusians still believed it!
... Just when he was getting his first job. Mister X managed to prove his innocence
by offering a tax-free master plan to rebuild Urania21!
Furthermore, his ship was spotted flying over Freeland!!! What happens next???

Our photographers took this shot, seen above, of Mister X's Spaceship flying above
Freeland Village, going towards our seacoast, very close to FREELAND!
Our Mayor Fredfree is in the City Hall, deciding what to do about this visitor ...
Will our Cannons be used? Will this be necessary?

Eduarqui told us ,from Columbus in Brazil and in all exclusivity, about a surprising
fact: He suspects that Mister X isn't a good pilot, so it would be convenient to
wait before using our Cannons ...

Because Mister X hasn't read all the instruction manual on how to pilot a spaceship,
he has knowledge enough to destroy it by his own hands! He can't drive!!!

Here we see a handsome couple of residents in Freeland, looking with fear at
this unbelievable flying saucer! "Will Mister X be our neighbour?
Will this undervalue our nice colonial house, dear?" seems to be on their mind ...

And the scoop on Mister X continues...,
We have another exciting news update which you can see directly at The
Twighlight Zone. And we are ready to roll!!! We also want tiles so send these as well!!
(And thank you so much Eduarqui for all your GREAT pics!!)

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