The following are templates that can be used to make props with the Building
                               Architect Plus which came with SimCity 3000Unlimited. There are two template
                               images for each template size only to remind you of the different light source for
                               the second view (and the fourth view if you have 4 images). And the MET files
                               that come with these templates are meant to be a handy "typeover" tool to save
                               you the trouble of typing all the little characters required in the MET file.

                               These template files were made as required at our end, perhaps the size you need
                               is not amongst these. By all means, jot Mimita a line at Freeland's Forum (see
                               the Links Section), I will be happy to make it for you. However, please allow a
                               few days for delivery as my schedule tends to be quite hectic.
                               Thanks and Enjoy!!!


                               May 2003
                               From today on, you can refer to me as "Mister Magoo's half sister Mimita"!!
                               Indeed all this time, templates were already available at the Freeland Library
                               by Couchpotato. My sad eyesight missed it and only saw the fantastic tutorials
                               on how to make them. I pressurized Weffito into making templates which had
                               already been made. You will find an enormous quantity of sizes there!
                               And of course, I sincerely apologize to Couchpotato and to ADW.

                               So, please, go check out The Freeland Library and you will find so much more
                               than just templates!!


                               Contains the following sizes: 1x1x1, 1x1x2, 1x1x3, 1x1x5,
                               1x3x3, 3x1x3, 3x3x1, 3x3x3, 3x3x5, 5x5x5, 7x7x5

                               Contains the following sizes: 5x5x7, 5x5x9, 5x5x11, 5x5x13,
                               5x5x15, 5x5x17

                               Contains the following sizes: 9x9x1, 9x9x3, 9x9x5, 9x9x9,
                               11x11x1, 11x11x3, 11x11x5

                               Contains the following sizes: 13x13x1, 13x13x3, 15x15x1, 15x15x3