Here are the creations we received so far, all more beautiful than the other! You can download the Landmarks by clicking on each picture below and again, if you would like to download Eduarqui's city of Middletown, click here!
Warm thanks to Eduarqui and all who are contributing!!!

The Tiles:

The Jewel of the collection:

Joe made this tile in 3DMax and we believe it to be his last one... The file was so extensive that it would not render with textures. Eventually he shrunk the file but didn't have the energy to re-texture it and it was left to that. We salvaged the 3DS and one of our most talented freelanders, our dear Cycle Puppy (AKA CycleDog), has taken the file and miraculously brought it back to life in all its finest detail, this looks just like the original version, except for the path that was elongated for the sake of fitting it to suit SC3K. We are in awe and converted this beauty to a URK so it could be used in our project as a Jewel Landmark in the city of Middletown. Way to go Berserk and Cycle Puppy, this is a plainly beautiful tile, a very fine and memorable addition to the collection! Thank you CyclePuppy, from the bottom of many Freelanders' heart!

Fredfree's DB Interplanetary Park:

Mimita's Farewell Joe Tile:

Mimita's Berserk Visionary Center:

Oppy's Oppy-Joe Stadium:

The same tile but viewed from the back:

Steinbjorn's Berserk Museum of Art:

Tegrof's Remembrance Tile:

The Big Tater's Fountain of Ingenuity:

The Big Tater's Gattaca Corporation:

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