Very sadly, Freeland suffers a huge loss in 2005 with the passing
                                 of our beloved Berserk. In his memory, we are dedicating our
                                 current 2005-2006 project to him. His creativity, determination and
                                 altruism were a source of stimulation that touched us all deeply.
                                 The details of this project are below and are at Freeland as well,
                                 plotted by our most avid Berserk Landmark collector: Our also
                                 beloved Eduarqui. You can still see the Metroville results here.

                                 If you would like to see plenty more pictures, comments and the
                                 city of Middletown itself (and Metrovile as well as so many more),
                                 click here to go download Mayor Eduarqui's fabulous work.

                                             Eight Middletown Projects offered:
                                             Click Here to peek at the stuff created to date!!

                                             They aren't all answering the demands below, that's perfectly OK!
                                             The projects offered are intended to stimulate your creativity.
                                             If you are creative beyond them, or if you feel for a project below
                                             and you see it done, don't let that stop you, it makes the project
                                             even more interesting by offering different perspectives. So if it
                                             works for you, then Go For It!!! And Have Fun doing it!!!

                                       The Urban Renaissance Department Store (5x5), to be located here:

                                       The Mirrors of Megacorp (Two 5x5), to be located here:

                                       The Gattaca Corporation (Five 4x4), to be located here:

                                       The Berserk Visiorama (5x5), and The Fountain of Ingenuity (3x3),
                                      both to be located here:


                                       The DB Interplanetary Park (Two 4x4), to be located here:

                                       The Dutch School of Yachting (3x3), to be located here:

                                       The Shadow Mountain Reception Center (5x5), to be located here:

                                       We would like to dedicate this song to Joe. We looked for a midi but couldn't
                                      find one... From Bad Company, here is Seagull:

                                            If you have questions, by all means, E-Mail us or Visit Freeland's Forum!

                                                                Click here if you want to hear music