As you know, we're having a free contest to create some new bap landmarks as a tribute to Freeland, now reaching five years of success and friendship for persons in many countries around the World. Our fellow Oppywostock sent these buildings for Area#1 of Metroville, to be used as a Corporate Headquarters among other skyscrapers and Maxis Landmarks, and we are pleased to comment about his work.

Holland has a tradition in both the Real World and Sim Nation as a Nation of talented architects, it is a fact that its History comproves with wonderful examples, from medieval and barroque buildings and towns till ultra-modern equivalents. Oppywostock is one of these talented architects, a bapper with vision to invent new forms and shapes even ahead of the most revolutionary expectation. Please see bellow some pictures of his most recent flight of imagination, made with virtual concrete, glass and steel where only dreamers can reach:

Seen from the south, as we approach from above, OPPY'S METROVILLE COMPLEX appears, on his own words, as "two identical masses / scrapers" he mirrored, making the top of each one asymetric "to get a desired effect when mirrored", with a possible reference to his compatriot Rem Koolhaas, although the way both structures perforate the air is unique and specific of an Oppyish Style. The intermediate pavillion, serving as the entrance to both towers, has an optical effect making us remember of 1960s Op Art and its visual playings.

Oppy told us he wanted "to make eyecatching buildings without being shouting" and, in this picture seeing the complex from the west, we can understand how succesfull he can be : note how the top is in correlation with other buildings nearby : Barcelona's Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Bangkok's Democracy Monument, Chicago's John Hancock Tower and Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers. Otherwise, while there is a visual rhyme between all these tops, there is a counterbalance of colors : Oppy used blue and white, breaking the anonymous and serious tones of neighboring skyscrapers.

Seen from the north, the buildings are also in correlation with the not-so-far Golden Gate Bridge : it's noticeable in the that way both dramatize the towering extremities with "an empty in between".

And seen from the east we can discover the portal Oppy created to frame the Stock Exchange Building on the other side of the river, while the stunning spires and vertical lines of towers are an eyecatching landmark for sailors on their boats, when reaching the port of Metroville, like exclamation points. We would like to express our gratitude to Oppy : his work improved many times our cities in Virtual World of Sim Nation, and surely gave us inspiration to think more about our real cities and landscapes. We're sure he is adding life for BAP and will be a lighthouse for creative minds around. Thank you, dutch architect and friend !



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