Welcome to the fun! We started on a journey to share art, ideas, creativity and most preciously; friendship! So please do join the fun! All are welcome!

What is it all about? What can you contribute to share with others?

Actually, we had a little fun answering that... We brainstormed... and we came up with this: The JUXTAPOSITION of the CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION in the COMMUNITY was INSPIRATION for the MOOSE, OVERJOYED with LIFE and looking up at the SKY with RESPECT, caused GRIDLOCK on ARISTIDE street while wearing ARGYLE socks.

But the real answer is: whatever your brain can create and that you can pass along via email! SimCity related stuff is great! But any form of art is welcome! We will show everything here, from your architectural point of view through the SimCity medium all the way to having an art gallery showcasing art in all its forms! Please just keep in mind that your material has to be clean and respectful, this is a family site!

To submit your stuff, just send us an email and attach your goodies via the button below. That simple!! And you can see the goodies we have so far! By all means, use anything here if you like, it's all available for download! It's all about sharing!

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