Welcome to my little corner on the web!! This is where I share my passions!
I didn't have the heart to remove my old SimCity stuff... It's always a great trip down memory lane...

Scrapbooking and making digital fractal images are my current interests.
But it's still all things colours, textures and more colours!! It has always been about that.
My hope is that I can inspire others to have as much fun as I'm having!
So enjoy!!


Content: My fractal images.

Content: My scrapbook layouts.

Content: My greeting cards.

Content: My other craft projects.

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The Freeland 2007 Peace Project, everyone is invited to join!
Content: Right now, SC3 Paint, Details and Props but we expect more stuff soon!

The Freeland 2005 (that spread through to 2006) Big Community Project!
Content: Art Gallery, Tons of SC3 Stuff (tiles, customs) and SC4 too!

Content: Landmark (old project)

Content: SC3U Landmarks and customs (old project)

Content: BAP props and cool info (great props here)

Content: SC3U URK's, BLD's, Landmarks, BAP customs and a city
(Tons and tons of stuff including customs and tiles from guest artists)

Content: SC4 Pics, BAP Prop Templates

Content: Spiritual stuff dedicated to Weffito
(A reminder that life is forever so fragile and that there's hope, no matter what)

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