This is my pool project!

                                    The zipped package contains 5 folders, from straight basic pieces to angled pieces
                                    as well as add-ons for a total of 83 bitmaps. You can basically make any shape pool
                                    you want with these and islands too!

                                    The basic pieces

                                    These are the basic pieces, there are small ones and big ones, I encourrage you to
                                    use the blank ones as a base to make your own add-ons!! They are fun to make!! =)

                                    These are the basic add-ons, you will notice that the slides have all 8 views

                                    And here are more add-ons! Again, have fun making your own!!! =)

                                    All the pieces you see have all four views, except for the Loch Ness, the floats
                                    and the shark. It's very easy to simulate under-water by the way...
                                    Take this loch ness for instance. I took the one without water, then I pasted
                                    this image onto the large blank water tile and I positioned it with an imaginary
                                    line in the center (half under-water and the other half above water level), then
                                    I recoloured the part that would be under-water in shades of blue. If you get
                                    the chance of looking at a real pool, look at anything under-water and you will
                                    see that everything is blue, or different shades of blue. This is how I improved
                                    the maxis pool ladder!! I added step and recoloured them blue for the part that
                                    would be underwater! Try it, it's easy!!!

                                    IMPORTANT: To avoid hitting the plateau for maximum customs on a tile...
                                    There are two hints: First, try to use the bigger pieces more than the smaller
                                    ones everytime you can. Take the big piece that has an edge on the top part...
                                    You could have the same piece using three of the identical smaller version, in
                                    this case, don't use the three small ones, use the bigger one instead. And the
                                    second hint is if you plan on making a big giant complex pool, try multi-tiling
                                    it! You can make it more extravagant in this way without hitting the roof! =)

                                    Another thing I found out while working on these pieces and testing them out
                                    is that it isn't so much how many customs that you use, rather it is how many
                                    of the same one you use that will make you hit that plateau. Indeed, I was able
                                    to place a whole bunch of customs on the tile above without having a problem!! =)
                                    Well worth experimenting on... I just haven't had the time.