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I am so enjoying creating fractal images with my fractal generator program.
This program is free for those who are interested: It is called ChaosPro.

Here are my images and it is with pleasure that I share them with you freely.
You can do what you want with them.
All I ask in return is that you give credit where it's due and also, to not link directly to these images.
So if you want to use them on line, right-click, save them, upload them on your blog/site and then use as you like.
I appreciate your understanding.

I added text at the very bottom to tell you more about fractals. =)
So... Have fun!!





























Six more in a smaller format:



What are Fractals?
You can find out more here. In short, fractals are the result
of complex mathematical equations and their applications are limitless!!
However, the aspect explored here is obviously the visual imagery,
It is pure science interpreted as digital art, as is in nature.

What to do with a fractal image?
Use your imagination! They are fun stretched too. Try resizing them.
I have used them to make crafts and scrapbooking stuff: inchies, moos, greeting card elements
and backgrounds, you can add your own text, use them as Journaling cards, make fridge magnets.
They are fun as digital images for buttons, banners, backgrounds, frames, etc...
to use on a blog, a web page, well, the sky's the limit!! Again, let your imagination go wild!

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