After Mister X saved the day in Freeland, as we read in the customs section,
Our most respected mayor Fredfree offered Mister X a commemorable gift to orn
his lawn!! And as usual, every one cheered at the sight of his incredible talent!
Yippie to you too Fredfree!!! =)

The Famous special surprise has arrived!!
This was made possible by Berserk's wonderful Brunelda contribution.
She is amazing as you can see and I am proud to add that I took Brunelda here
and made my very first URK!!! The 500FT Brunelda from Mars!
Yippiiiiiiiiie that's right!! Many many thanks Berserk!! hehehe
Click on the pic if you want the urk! Eduarqui, I thought of you when the idea spurred!
Yippie to you too Eduarqui!!! =)

We are so pleased to present this beautiful Tile!
It is in .bld form and made by a very talented bapper: Starvinartist.
She told me that she owes credit to Brinvion for his wonderful windows and
DJTurkey for his wonderful paints... Personally, I think all three are incredibly
talented and that a blend of their talent gives you this Folks, check out this Tile!
WTG Starvinartist and thank you so much!!

Mister X used several buildings as replacement buildings on his
Urania21 and we are happy to offer them here for download...
Yes, these are .bld's as well!
Thank you so much Eduarqui for your choices and great help!!!
We must also warmly thank the authors: Fredfree, Makkinen, Mechadendrion
and Tegrof!!

And here is another marvellous Tile!
This is the girls club! Made by Starvinartist.
And Boys! You have your work cut out because nothing can happen
to this Club!! We are counting on you to protect it from Venusian invasion..
So get those canons ready!! =) WTG Starvinartist and thanks so much!!

We also have an Embassy for King Awika to
wander around and where we can carefully record his whereabouts...
A wonderful and imaginative Tile by Brinvion!! Thank you so much Brin!!

Another incredible tile! We are not sure of what it is...
It's a Venusian secret but its splendid architecture makes it undeniably
marvellous, another great imaginative tile by Roopanop!! Thank you so much Oppy!!


There are a bunch of Landmarks as well in the CITY section!