August 18, 2003: The Freelanders have voted for the Venusian Cannon Contest!

                   A big Congratulation is in order for our First Place Winner: Berserk!
                   And we also congratulate our Second Place Winner: Fredfree!

                   Both these guys are pros, it was difficult to choose...
                   We are mighty privileged here to show such exquisite work!!!

                   Both Eduarqui and I would like to extend our gratitude to the two of you
                   for these fantastic tiles! They will look awesome in Urania21!!
                   And we are very proud to present them here! =)
                   (You can download the zipped sjs file by clicking on the image)




                   September 23, 2003: We announce the winner for the Venusian Spaceport Contest!
                   How can anyone beat a pro like our very dear Couchpotato?? =)
                   Folks! I provided a special button for you to see the present which
                   came with this incredible beauty of a tile, you must check it out!!!
                   So Big Congratulations go to Couchpotato, her work is incredibly Awesome!!
                   (You can pick up the Landmark (pin file) by clicking on its image below.)

                   And we are also proud to display another special tile... =)
                   Congratulations to our second place winner: Zach!!!!! Yes-yes
                   It is refreshing to see such talented new bappers and such a kind
                   bapper he is at that!! A big big Yippie-way-to-go to you Zach!!!
                   You two are making Eduarqui and I so proud to present these! =)

                   (You can download Zach's tile, in .bld form, by clicking on its image below)






                   We do not have a contest at this time, However...

                   We are planning the next one, Check out the newest projects from
                   the Mim's Corner Home page. So have fun bapping and SCUrking!! =)
                   Let your imagination go wild!!!! Any questions? Holler away!!